At Home with our Animal Companions

Humans and their relationship with animals has a long history.  It is believed that animal husbandry and domestication of the first animals started tens of thousands of years ago.  This was out of necessity to assist with certain fundamental manners of life, such as hunting, security, and then agricultural assistance.

During that time, certain traits that animals possessed made them particularly good companions and, eventually, actual members of the human family.  Through a process of natural selection by humans because of traits that they enjoyed, these early pets became the foundation and model of future pets that are enjoyed today.

Back in the earliest day, pets enjoyed time with us and also the warmth of our fire in the outdoors.  As the human experience progressed through the ages, so the experience of our pets.  Our animal friends went from living outdoors to living inside our homes.  These homes transformed from caves to huts, later castles and halls.  And, finally, to today’s comfortable homes throughout the world, where they are completely at home in the same environment that humans enjoy and expect.

Our animal companions and family friends are still animals and not humans.  So, pet owners must be mindful of ensuring that the experience their pets have are carefully tended to for the happiness of everyone in the household.  When it comes to dogs, there are many breeds and they have different behaviors and needs.  You will see, many times, that owners are happy to sleep with their pets in their beds.

What often happens is that the humans will sleep normally in their beds, while the cats or dogs will find a place at the foot of the bed to stay close, but not in a way that will disrupt everyone’s needed sleep.  When it comes to cats, because of their size, they can go right up to the head of the bed and sleep right alongside their human owners.  This does set up some amusing and annoying times in the middle of the night, given cats’ tendency for constant grooming and the movement and noise that can introduce.

There’s also the understanding required of the different life stages of the pet and what is best needed for their sleep.  For example, with dogs, there is a well understood need for a dog crate to house the pet in at nights.  And, different dogs need different types of cages or crates.