5 Common Types of Automotive Lifts That You Need to Know

Are you in need of automotive lift services? But you do not have any idea on what are the common types of automotive lifts that you can choose to solve your problem? If you said yes to both questions, you can read the list below that shows what the common types are so that it can help you to choose the right and best one for you.

This is the list of the common types of automotive lifts that you need to know.

  1. Two – Post-Automotive Lift

The first in the list is the two – post automotive lift type which is a subcategory of the frame engaging type and can be usually seen in either automotive repair shops or even at residential garages. As what the name implies, it uses two durable posts that come with separate arms which served as the support to keep it stable and secure. It can also be available in two kinds which is asymmetrical and symmetrical. With these features, it can readily provide a wide range of lifts, whatever position and sort of automotive it might be. Aside from that, many people also tend to choose this among others not only because it is reasonably priced but also because it does not require too much space.

  1. Four – Post-Automotive Lift

As compared to two – post type, the four – post automotive lift type is a subcategory of wheel engaging type and is designed intentionally for the purpose of heavy lifting. It can be utilized for lifting hefty vehicles such as dump trucks, trailers, vans, and other heavy-duty vehicles. Many automotive and car shops choose this because of its characteristic of being very accessible and easy to use since that you only need to drive and park the vehicle in its mounting. And also, it usually does not demand floor anchor and fits perfectly for people who also want to keep two cars in an area which is intended for a single car only.

  1. Scissor Automotive Lift

The scissor automotive lift is also called as X – type automotive lift which works by the means of elevating the platform with use of a mechanism that appears just like an accordion and is placed beneath its runway. Unlike the first two types above, it can only provide lifts for medium size automotive since that it is not as strong and sturdy enough to lift heavy vehicles. It can be the best and ideal automotive lift for people who do this as a hobby and past time.

  1. Alignment Automotive Lift

Another one is the alignment automotive lift which can be utilized for two varied purposes which are the needs for lifting and alignment of wheels. It can serve a wide breadth of automotive that can range from small sizes up to heavy-duty vehicles. This kind of automotive lift also has supplementary unique features which include special turn areas and slip plates that make it very preferably to choose.

  1. Parking Lift

And last in the list is the parking lift which has the same qualities of four – post automotive lift aside from that it can provide lifts for two or more vehicles. Also, it is designed to cater the needs of either private or public parking. The parking lift can also provide numerous benefits to everybody who uses it such as that it can give you the ability to park a heavy vehicle beneath another medium vehicle.

And for you to know the other available types of automotive lifts, you can inquire about a reputable and trustable automotive lift company to help you.

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