What Are The Best Known Washing Machine Brands?

If you are hoping to get the right washing machine for your home, you need to get some research done to find the right brand. You know that the market is currently saturated with several choices for you to select from, but you need to remember that it is not all the time that you can expect these names to be the right choice for you. It does help when take a closer look at the ones that are on the top. You know that they would not have accomplished such a feat if they do not offer something worth taking a look into.

It does pay to do some research before you make your choice. It is a fact that not all of the machines that you can find in the market are expected to be a good choice for you and for your laundry needs. So, it is going to help if you take the time to find out more details about them and how they are expected to function if you are to go ahead and invest on them, getting to know the name of the top washing machine names that are out in the market these days should help you narrow down your search better.

You know that there may be something about these names for them to have actually lasted this long in the industry and for their names to create that much reverence and patronage among the buying public. There is the reason why these names have been in the top and have remained there. Most of the time, this has something to do with the quality of their units and the efficiency of the way they function.

Whirlpool has since been a strong brand name when it comes to washing machines. Its home appliances are created by Whirlpool Corporation. This is a corporation that is listed in one of the Fortune 500 companies with an annual sales approximation of $20 billion. The company is a global manufacturer of home appliances. It serves as a market of these appliances to. It currently has about 70 centers in the globe and employs about 70,000 people.

Another popular front runner in the work of washing machine is the Kenmore brand. Appliances that are branded with the name are sold in the US by Sears Holdings Corporation. First released in the year 1927, the brand first appeared on a sewing machine. Most of the products that bear the Kenmore brand now are white goods.

Another popular brand is Maytag. Manufactured by the Maytag Corporation, this is one of the top three of the home appliances manufacturers in North America. They specialize in washing machines, dryers, and such other products.

GE is another good name to look out for when choosing a new washing machine. This is recognized as the fourth when it comes to the most well-known brands all over the world. The company currently holds assets at $49 billion. The brand used to be known as Edison General Electric in the 1890. It was founded by Thomas Edison. The company has introduced numerous appliances to the market such as vacuum cleaners, food mixers, washing machines, and air conditioners for American homes.